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"Sifu Wilson generously shares his wealth of experience by making available a wide variety of learning options in his studio. Whether it be working towards fitness goals, improving our understanding of Wing Chun as a martial art or developing our fighting skills in SanShou, I have found that there is definitely something for everybody. Here at Wilson Martial Arts Academy, there is a real sense of community and everyone is able to contribute towards a positive environment for learning."

- Eric D.


"Having a class for Women Only, is important to me. I feel more comfortable and the friends that I have made along the way have become such an important part of my life and getting fit."

- Rene M.


"I have a lot of questions, and Master Wilson is always willing to provide answers and his understanding of the martial arts in a way that I can understand. He has helped me become a better martial artist."

- John C.


I’ve known Hugh for about 13 years now. It started when I put my daughter at 7yrs old in his martial arts class. She was initially intimidated as the only girl but her Sifu (Hugh) built her confidence and she kept doing classes until she left for university. I learned of his female fitness classes by attending the studio and started in 2013. He changed my life. I was a runner who had been trying to get faster for years and Hugh’s classes definitely helped me accomplish that. But they also helped me pass the rigorous physical to get into policing when I was in my 40’s and provided a much needed outlet for a very stressful job. Along the way I’ve been blessed to workout alongside some amazing women who I consider friends, cheerleaders and true warriors. Hugh is an amazing man/trainer/mentor who not only believes in you but gets you to believe in yourself. I’m honoured to call him my trainer and my friend. 

- Kimberly Watt


"When I started my fitness classes at WMA, I was really overweight. I felt discouraged about the state of my body and I really did not like "Me". Hugh and the other members truly accepted me as a person and helped change my way of thinking. Now I feel at home … and, I have lost 50 pounds in the process!!"

- Jessica S.


I’ve been working with Hugh since I was in elementary school. His training has always been top tier and he always fights for the success and progress of his students. He’s always happy to work one on one, recommend personal solutions and devote time to students, making even larger classes less intimidating and more successful. His studio is a family of people who all support each other and want to help the others improve. I 100% recommend Hugh’s classes for any experience level individual wanting to participate.

- Maddy Watt Henderson

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