"Sifu Wilson generously shares his wealth of experience by making available a wide variety of learning options in his studio. Whether it be working towards fitness goals, improving our understanding of Wing Chun as a martial art or developing our fighting skills in SanShou, I have found that there is definitely something for everybody. Here at Wilson Martial Arts Academy, there is a real sense of community and everyone is able to contribute towards a positive environment for learning."

- Eric D.


"Having a class for Women Only, is important to me. I feel more comfortable and the friends that I have made along the way have become such an important part of my life and getting fit."

- Rene M.


"I have a lot of questions, and Master Wilson is always willing to provide answers and his understanding of the martial arts in a way that I can understand. He has helped me become a better martial artist."

- John C.


" … when I finish each class, I feel energized and excited. What a positive group of people. I consider them all my friends and looks forward to each class."

- Laura M.


"When I started my fitness classes at WMA, I was really overweight. I felt discouraged about the state of my body and I really did not like "Me". Hugh and the other members truly accepted me as a person and helped change my way of thinking. Now I feel at home … and, I have lost 50 pounds in the process!!"

- Jessica S.